Social Media Monitoring

The Social Monitora app covers social media as well. Track, filter, and analyze articles, posts, comments, tweets, statuses, video blogs, and discussions.

Listen to people online. Learn what they think about your brand.


Content in Context

Social Monitora analyzes user behavior on social media in real time. You get immediate feedback on your activity and you can understand unusual decreases or increases in interest in your company or your competition.


Situation Overview

Prevent people from talking about you behind your back. Social Monitora checks social media and alerts you each time your brand is mentioned. So you can react immediately.


Media Analysis

Get detailed social media analytics in just a few clicks. Learn where your brand appears the most, in what context, or how popular you are. We track social media, blogs, videos, comments or discussions.



Social Monitora will send you reports daily, weekly or even once a month. You can easily set the frequency in the app. We prepare outputs for you based on the target readership, so it is comprehensible for the CEO as well as the head of Logistics.


Competition Analysis

Compare your brand results with others, study the situation in your sector, and gain an advantage over your competition.

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