Newsroom –⁠ for easy communication with journalists

Newsroom allows you to create visually appealing press releases and distribute them to journalists who will be interested in your story.

Newsroom is a new feature that allows you to write press releases directly in Monitora. Additionally, you can utilize our database of journalists –⁠ Medialist, or create your own and send the press release to selected writers. Then all you have to do is track the analytics and evaluate the success of your campaign, all in one convenient application.



In the online world, it’s easy to spread fake news or unrelevant informations about your brand. The newsroom is the best and most trusted source for journalists. You can be sure you are communicating what you really want.



Customize the appearance of the Newsroom to match your brand identity. The setup is easy and anyone can handle it. Additionally, you can have the Newsroom on any domain.


It's easy to create
and even easier to share

Anyone can work with the Newsroom – create a new press release in one minute and upload all the materials a journalist might need. What’s more, it makes it easier for journalists who appreciate having everything in one place to view and download.



Our motto is „You can’t manage what you can’t measure“. Because you can only optimize your campaigns based on accurate data. In today’s world, it is necessary to work with the most effective solutions that make your work easier and faster, not the other way around, not the other way around. So having advanced analytics is essential to working efficiently.



You can manage the content of multiple accounts from one platform. Organizing communications for multiple clients or multiple brands is easier when everything is available in one place. You can effortlessly switch between accounts in the Newsroom, allowing you to have everything centralized in one location.

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Eliška Čeřovská
Group Head of Public Relations

Rohlik Group

How is Newsroom used in Rohlik Group?

We primarily use Newsroom as a space for journalists who can find all of our press releases, photos, logos, and videos in one place. Both the backend and frontend are very user-friendly systems. A press release, along with photos or videos, can be easily and quickly published, and the page’s traffic can be monitored in real-time.

Journalists also appreciate the Newsroom because they always have access to all released materials without having to contact PR.

We want to be as open as possible to journalists and provide them with a space where they can access all current materials at all times. At the same time, through the statistics available in the Monitora, we can get a better picture of how many people saw the press release and how its content was attractive.