Social networks are now directly in Monitora

Take a look under the hood of what is said about you, your products and the competition on social networks, discussion forums and in the comments below the articles! We monitor almost 2,000 different social media for you – from the most famous networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn, to blogs, discussion forums and comments below articles.

What will monitoring of social networks bring you?

You’ll get an overview of what people are saying on social media about your company, products, competitors, or other optional topics. You can monitor everything in real time and react immediately to what is currently happening.

  • You will discover influencers, ambassadors of your brand and, thanks to them, new audiences.
  • You will find topics that really interest your customers and you will be able to analyze current trends in your field.
  • You will improve your customer support and be able to solve your clients’ problems before they come looking to you.
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