How to PR in 2021

The unexpected social and economic upheavals of 2020 shook even the most stable of companies. The unprecedented pandemic situation has brought changes that both the global and local economy will face for a long time to come. But the cards have been dealt and we have to learn to play with them as best we can. It is essential to change the perspective, accept the situation and readjust current marketing and PR strategies so that our business efforts in the next year will bear fruit in the longer term.

Although one tends to remain in well-known, well-established structures, it is time to reconsider the situation. Be flexible, accept challenges and learn to meet new market needs. Invest in longer-term PR to strengthen relationships with existing customers. Mobilize the strengths of the whole team, motivate each other and get excited about a clear and thoughtful vision that will lead you to success.

So what should we focus on this year to make our external communication as effective as possible?

Build a confidential relationship with your customers

The pandemic period has been challenging in many ways, but from a human point of view it unites us all. From that point of view, we are closer to our customers and it is necessary to create long-term relationships based on trust. Give your clients the feeling that they are an indispensable part of the team and that they themselves participate in the creation of the brand or product. Understanding leads to a stronger brand and customer loyalty in the long run, with which you can further expand your clientele based on recommendations.

Think in the long run

Don’t focus on short-term goals. Look to the future and build your marketing and PR strategies. The near-term future is uncertain and it is therefore necessary to build a long-term personal relationship with customers. Do not be afraid to maintain a budget and invest in building long-term communication not only with the customer community, but also within the company’s internal infrastructure and with other entities across the market. When communicating with the customer, pay attention to keep a personal and unified tone, while working to improve communication on social networks and other communication channels. Pay close attention to monitoring these for intensive feedback.

Learn from your mistakes

To create a successful strategy, map and evaluate in detail all your business steps from 2020. What have you accomplished and what could you improve? See where your competition stood and what mistakes it avoided compared to you. Be critical of yourself. Evaluate everything from the perspective of current economic visions and set a new strategy accordingly, which could succeed in the following year.

Defining negatives for better results

Evaluating success is important – but don’t forget about the brand’s weaknesses and external threats that cloud your future. If you define these negatives, you can start looking for meaningful solutions to prevent or compensate for them. Develop precisely structured content pillars to help you solve problems.

Give green digitization 

Marketing experts agree that 2021 will be a period of transformation and new opportunities for online marketing. Despite the precise maintenance of existing social channels, pay adequate attention to emerging trends. Take advantage of the fact that during the last year customers learned to communicate through online platforms, and use these for your own purposes. If the concept of your brand allows it, provide your clients with new experiences as a bonus – for example, using AR applications for mobile phones or utilize some other tools to enhance interaction with your product. Be playful and don’t be afraid of challenges – the customer will appreciate it.

The pandemic situation has brought uncertainties in all sectors and we can never predict future developments. However, it also brings new knowledge about customers and their needs, which are just waiting for the right approach. Look at your brand from a different perspective and enter 2021 with a progressive strategy!